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The Bench is Done

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

I actually finished it last week.  I have been on the bus so much that I haven’t had time to get much done.  It’s always like this the last weeks of school.  There are extra trips for exams, class trips etc.  Makes for a nice paycheck but I don’t get much done in the shop. 

Anyway, here’s the bench. Finished Bench

It came out pretty good.  The blue tape is there because No-one said anything about a handle.  I asked but got no answer.  It was originally going to have horizontal dividers in the cubbies but we determined that the openings would be too small to be useful.  A funny thing about this bench.  I made a pair of end tables for this same customer (I think that’s going to be my next furniture story) and part of that project was four flat panels.  I made them too small by just a little bit, but I kept them for whatever.  Turns out, they were the perfect size for the drawer front on the bench.  Sometimes things work out.  The drawer is full extension and has a divider down the middle fron to back.  Not sure why, but it was part of the specs. 

As for the new project, the coffee table.  I sent the customer some wood samples, walnut, cherry and bird’s-eye maple.  He liked the cherry so much, he changed his mind and decided he wants it in cherry instead of walnut.  Too bad I already got the walnut.  He also decided aainst the inlay around the aprons.  As it turns out the lack of inlay offsets my added cost in material and I don’t have to charge more for it.  I like when that happens.  Here’s a drawing of the table.  The darker wood is cherry and the lighter is bird’s-eye maple.  The square on the apron is a drawer.Table Drawing

The top will be frame and panel with the panel recessed 1/4″ for a piece of glass.  Should be nice when it’s done.  I’ll be getting going on it in the next week or two.  After I finish on the bus, I have a couple of things to get caught up on first.  I’ll keep you posted.

Now I want to rant a bit.  I have discovered that nothing is immune to spam.  When I first started this blog, I got a few spams here and there in comments.  It’s now up to 50 or so a day!!!  That’s right, A DAY!!!  These spammers have got to stop.  We can do our part by not respinding to it.  EVER.  They wouldn’t send it if it didn’t work.  My website guy, Tom at VT Web put in some software to fight it and it helps but it doesn’t get it all.

OK, I know i have been rambling but that’s all for now.  Thanks for sticking with me.