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Workin on the beds

Monday, November 9th, 2009

Not much to say this time.  Work is progressing on the beds.  I had to go to New Hampshire for the 8/4 red birch.  Highland Hardwoods is where I got it.  It is a real good yard with a huge selection.  It’s the only place I can always find 8/4 red birch.  It’s a long drive and not real cheap, but worth the trip.  Check them out if you find yourself in the Brentwood NH area.  Their selection of bird’s-eye left a lot to be desired though.  I went to a local yard for that.  So far, all I’ve gotten done is ripping and sanding the bird’s-eye for laminating into slats and I have about 20 glued up.  I only have one form, so it takes a while.  I need 48 and will make 51.  Always good to have a couple of extras.  I picked up a couple of small jobs to do while I am doing the slats, so I’m not bored or anything.  They are done now, so I will be starting the beds frames tomorrow.

We’re experimenting with doing a video series to post here and on Youtube showing how I make these beds.  Just experimenting so far.  No promises.  Eventually we’re going to do this.  If not this time, then next.

On another note, I am about 26 miles short of 5000 miles this year on my bike.  I’ll have that by the weekend.  we’ve been having some great weather lately.  65 yesterday.  This is the last day of it for now though.  Back to November tomorrow.

Alright, that’s it for now.  Keep checking back here and e-mail me if you have anything to say.  Post a comment here.  Check out my website too.