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A Collaboration

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Hey all.

The guild is doing a show this July called Collaborations and Innovations.  The theme is that you make a piece that is either done with another crafts person, or something that is innovative; either a new direction, a new medium a new process, something different.  I chose to do a collaboration.  Last winter I got a call from a local guy I had never met, Dana Carrara, was making a gate for someone’s home and had to cut some timbers.  He is very good at metal, but not wood.  I was able to help him out and saw his shop and his capabilities.  I was impressed.  Anyway, when the guild set up this show, he is the first person I thought of.  We met to brainstorm and he was excited about it and said he wanted to incorporate motion into the piece.  We discussed sculpture and other things and decided to think about it for a while.  He was getting ready for a show then and couldn’t do any work on it  at the time anyway.  We met again and I thought about a cabinet that opens mechanically.  He jumped at the idea and made a model in Solid Works.  We got back together and tweaked the idea and settled on a jewelry box with some mechanical features.  He is going to send me a PDF of the design when he gets it done and I will post it here.  I think it’s going to be a very interesting piece.  Admittedly, not real practical, but definitely real cool!!  Keep checking back for updates.  I promise to have pictures.

Other than that, I have to say, there is not much happening.  I got the door hung and the lock set installed.  He has a dead bolt ordered and I am going to install that when he gets it.  The phone calls I have been getting haven’t panned out so far but I am not giving up hope.  I have been getting some interesting ones too.  Last week I got one asking about a bed that combines a full size and a king size.  I forget what he called it but it sounds BIG.  I did get a call from a past customer about making a closet insert for her small house.  It needs to be highly customized.  I gave her a drawing and a quote but so far haven’t heard back.

That’s all for now.  Please visit my website when you get a chance.  I still haven’t updated it in a while tho.

Thanks for sticking around.